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Re: Eudora VS MIME RFC

1995-02-09 18:12:46
On Feb 9, 13:23, sanbornd(_at_)rl(_dot_)af(_dot_)mil wrote:
Subject: Eudora VS MIME RFC

[ Portion Deleted ]

}The problem is in the uniqueness of the boundary strings when multiple
}or sub-boundaries are defined.  When Eudora defines a sub-boundary
}definition it merely adds one character to the end of the initial
}boundary definition.  Thus the first boundary string now appears in
}every occurrence of the 
}newly defined boundary.
}All the Eudora's mail will POP fine if we go into the mail server and
}redefine the sub-boundary definitions.  A character can be added
}anywhere in the sub-boundary string so that the newly defined string
}does not contain the exact contents of the original boundary

Internally we have a mixture of Eudora (Windows/MAC), Zmail (Windows, Motif & 
"character"), Embla from ICL and Mail-It from Unipalm and a "home-grown" 
MIME<->Uniplex translater. We don't have this problem. Oh - almost forgot, we 
also have some users using Netmanage's ChameleonNFS's MIME mail tool (a Windows 
TCP product).



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