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Questions about message/rfc822

1995-02-10 06:35:34
I have encountered a mailer which constructs a message/rfc822
message without any headers in the "included" message. I also found
this by using a second mailer which says this is a bogus message.

When reading RFC-1521 I find the following:

   7.3.1.     The Message/rfc822 (primary) subtype

   A Content-Type of "message/rfc822" indicates that the body contains
   an encapsulated message, with the syntax of an RFC 822 message.
   However, unlike top-level RFC 822 messages, it is not required that
   each message/rfc822 body must include a "From", "Subject", and at
   least one destination header.

I  thought when reading this that this means that no headers have
to be included because "From", "Subject" and at least one
destination address was required by RFC-822. BUT when reading
RFC-822 I see that the minimum required headers is "Date",
"From" and at least one destination address (which can be an
empty "Bcc" (see A.3.1).

Now I am confused and is asking you what to do.

Is RFC-822 updated in this point by some other RFC?

Does this together mean that you have to have a "Date" in
a message/rfc822 bodypart?


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