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Re: Questions about message/rfc822

1995-02-11 11:33:10
At 22.14 2/10/95, Ned Freed wrote:
The prose about this in RFC 1521 is all messed up. I strongly recommend that
you grab a copy of the current Internet Draft (draft-ietf-822ext-mime-imb)
and see what it says.

Thank's Ned!

If sameone want to know, the new text says:  RFC822 Subtype

  A Content-Type of "message/rfc822" indicates that the body
  contains an encapsulated message, with the syntax of an RFC
  822 message.  However, unlike top-level RFC 822 messages, the
  restriction that each message/rfc822 body must include a
  "From", "Date", and at least one destination header is removed
  and replaced with the requirement that at least one of "From",
  "Subject", or "Date" must be present.

so there MUST be some header line in a message/rfc822 part.


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