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Re: Help with mime-body-part multipart messages - rfc1494

1995-03-20 03:26:43

thanks for your help with unknown mime content sub type header lines.

Now I have another (simple!) question about nested multipart bodies.

The situation is a multipart content type where one of the body parts is
itself a multipart content type with one or more bodies:

RFC1495 section deals with this situation and states that the
multipart body will map into an X.400 message body part, the muiltpart's
bodies will become the body parts of the message-body-part.

I am making an assumption that this X.400 messge-body-part will have
heading extensions for the nested multipart body set up as described in
RFC 1495 3.2.2. Is this a correct assumption ? If it is it might be seen
as obviating the need to set up the default subject fields as described
in, however these fields are certainly useful. (as an example the
X.400 UA I have at present displays the subject string but not the
heading extensions!).

And since the default subject fields are specified for body parts which
are of type multipart, why not apply that to a whole message which is
multipart, although it is much more unlikely that the original message
will not have a subject header, rather than the body part itself.

One more question! - is it possible for me to join the ietf-822 mail
list, to watch any relevent discussions that might be going on ? - and
if so how ? (I did try to send a message to join the group, but heard


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