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Media Type registration form

1995-05-31 14:29:20
I would like to see a few additions to the MIME media type
registration form.

My first proposal is to have a new section on "Interchange
considerations:" for discussing versioning problems, byte order
problems, gateway problems for things like application/mac-binhex40,
etc.  This could be treated in a similar fashion to Security
Considerations so that it need not be initially exhaustive, and can be
updated based on experience.

Second, I can think of a number of optional items which would be very
useful to implementors, such as:

Magic Number: {length, bytes}
File extension(s) in common use: {in order by preference}
Macintosh File Type code: {4 octets}

Chris Newman <chrisn+(_at_)cmu(_dot_)edu>,

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