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Re: Canonical Encoding Model wording suggestion

1995-06-02 11:55:06
< Here's some wording I suggest be added to the Canonical Encoding Model
< section of the conformance document:
< NOTE: There has been confusion caused by systems which represent messages
< in a format which uses local newline conventions which differ from the
< RFC822 CRLF convention.  It is important to note that these formats are
< not canonical RFC822/MIME.  These formats are instead *encodings* of
< RFC822, where CRLF sequences in the canonical representation of the
< message are encoded as the local newline convention.  Note that formats
< which encode CRLF sequences as, for example, LF are not capable of
< representing MIME messages containing binary data which contains LF octets
< not part of CRLF line separation sequences.

I agree with all of this except the last sentence. The MIME systems I deal
with that use NL conventions all do it within just the text body parts.
Hence, your statement is not true for such systems.

                                        Tony Hansen