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Re: Prohibition of EBCDIC in text/plain

1995-06-08 19:28:02

It's possible that I got a bit off-track in my last message.
I apologize for the tirade.  Let me start over.

        Let me restate this: we need to look at MIME as an
off-the-wire concept.  MIME is *great*, and the spec is *great* as
long as we stay on-the-wire, and that's fine.  But people are using
MIME off-the-wire and looking at the same on-the-wire spec.  This
needs to be, at least, clarified, better, formally addressed.

I agree with at least part of this.  I think it would be a good idea
to have a separate, informational, document that described how to deal
with what a MIME message looks like when it's been munged from the
on-the-wire format into your local off-the-wire format.  

Doing so might even make the standard MIME documents simpler, because
then they could really stick to talking about "on-the-wire" form.

There's also a somewhat related issue of how to encode MIME messages
that contain binary body parts, in environments where the traditional
text end-of-line character is newline.  It's not quite "on-the-wire"
versus "off-the-wire", it's more like different wires have different
"on-the-wire" representations.  Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to address
this either.


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