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Re: Multipart/Alternative Compatibility Issue

1995-07-31 17:03:03
Your comment about MAPI is interesting.
Is this full MAPI or restricted MAPI that only allows "attachments"?
Does it allow enclosed messages and full manipulation of body parts
within them, so that a solution that looks like the RFC 1495 definition
for X.400 is possible, or is it a lost cause?

(new gateway document: the MIME to MAPI gateway....AARRGGHHHH....)

     Harald A

Sorry for not getting back to you right away.

We support the Simple MAPI interface so Windows applications can send 
Internet email via MAPI, so our concentration was towards that.
All the internal modules (address book, message store, spooler, etc.) are 
based on MAPI APIs and we have a MAPI <-> RFC-822/MIME conversion that 
takes place at the lower levels when a message is sent/recieved.

I would think that a RFC-1495 type document could be attempted.  

[...Isn't someone at Microsoft working on one now for their MIME/MAPI 
Internet email that is going to be in Win95? :-)]

Ray C. Langford
Engineering Manager, Advanced Products
Frontier Technologies Corp.
Email: Ray(_at_)FrontierTech(_dot_)com
Voice: (414) 241-4555 x205

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