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Re: 822,smtp mailing lists

1995-07-30 07:08:25
"Jennifer A. Katinsky" writes:

Due to various constraints, I can no longer maintain the ietf-822 and
ietf-smtp mailing lists. Therefore, as of August 9, 1995 the two above
mentioned lists will be discontinued on

In an attempt to see these lists continue, I am asking your help with
locating another site. If there is another site which is willing to house
and maintain these mailing lists, along with their archive sites, I
will help to make the transition a smooth one.

Thank you for you help with this matter. All help is greatly appreciated.

As said we can do it here.
Just a few more remarks on our service:

We run email lists for a number of standardisation
groups in ISO/IEC JTC1, and our system has automatic archiving,
with ftp and email access. We do maintenance of lists - chase errors and
we have 3 people surveying and correcting errors. Our software
do a number of things to keep the mail clean, such that error messages
are not distributed to the list - etc.


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