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Re: BinHex Encoding

1995-08-07 14:47:35
RFC 1741 describes the BinHex 4.0 format.

Please note the following sentences:

*Only when available software
*and/or user practice dictates, should this method be employed.  It is
*recommended to use application/applefile [FALT94] for maximum

*AppleDouble file format [APPL90], encoded in MIME as
*multipart/appledouble [FALT94] and application/applefile [FALT94] is
*the preferred format for a Macintosh file that is to be included in
*an Internet mail message, because it provides recipients with
*Macintosh computers the entire document, including Icons and other
*Macintosh specific information, while other users easily can extract
*the Data fork (the actual data).

*Documents which lack a data fork must be sent as AppleSingle
*according to RFC 1740 [FALT94].

*Unless there are strong reasons not to, all other documents should
*be sent as AppleDouble according to RFC 1740 [FALT94].  This
*includes documents with non-trivial resource forks, and documents
*without corresponding well-known MIME types.

Also note that the name of the file should include the ".hqx" extension as

*3a.  BinHex example
*     Content-Type: application/mac-binhex40; name="car.hqx"

Some popular email providers seem to have missed these important points.
Chris Newman <chrisn+(_at_)cmu(_dot_)edu>,
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