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conversion of list to ietf-822(_at_)list(_dot_)cren(_dot_)net

1995-08-14 10:11:22
  We're in the process of converting the ietf-822 list from
which will be a ListProcessor-managed list.
  Please change your aliases to point to the new address.  (The alias at
Rutgers will also be changed to point to the new address for a transition
period, to ease the transition.)
  Because a few of you may wish to use advanced ListProcessor facilities
that require a subscriber password, we'll be sending each of you an
individual welcome message (which appears as if you, rather than I, made
the subscription request) that contains a randomly generated password for
each of you along with instructions about how to change it to one of your
choice.  You'll need a password if you wish to use the interactive
ListProcessor clients as they become available or to have address aliases.
(You won't need that now for this list, since posting is open to
non-subscribers, but there's an increasing amount of misuse of lists which
might eventually lead us to decide to restrict posting to subscribes.).
Otherwise, you can ignore the password.
  For hypertext reference to ListProcessor, refer to
(click "ListProcessor", then click "Using ListProc..." for instructions
about other basic ListProcessor functions and commands.
  Formatted ListProcessor user and list-owner manuals and reference
cards may be obtained from via Gopher (in the "CREN
ListProcessor" directory) or as the ftp files,, and, respectively, for the PostScript versions,
and ...rtf for the RTF versions.  Set the orientation of the user
reference card to landscape before printing, since RTF does not carry
forward this bit of formatting information.  The user reference card is
formatted for use as a two-sided card folded to 8.5" by 5.5".
  Should you have any difficulties with the new list, please let me know!
If I'm unresponsive to mail (sometimes I get behind or even lose a
message), feel free to call me at 202-331-5367.


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