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Re: Implementation status of RFC 1652

1995-08-23 11:16:47
I haven't got a clue about the statistic being request here, but figured it
was interesting enough that many of us would like to offer and hear the


Subject: Implementation status of RFC 1652
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 11:44:04 -0400

I'm currently working on a project in which we'll be sending a large
number of large binary MIME messages, so naturally I'm interested in
8bit-MIMEtransport (RFC 1652).  What is the implementation status of
RFC 1652?  Are 1652-compliant Sendmail variants (or other MTAs) readily

        Yes, sych are readily available, however 8BITMIME does not give
        GENERIC BINARY capability.  ("Large binary MIME messages" sounds
        like such is asked for...)

        Here is my list:
                ZMailer-2.99.*  (
                sendmail + Emil (
                Alman's sendmail 8.7 (beta)
                PMDF (for VAX VMS)

        and things that I have heard rumors about:
                PP 8.* (Isode Consortium X.400/RFC822 MTA)

        (and bunch of gateways to LAN-based mails)

Dave Crocker                                                +1 408 246 8253
Brandenburg Consulting                                fax:  +1 408 249 6205
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Sunnyvale, CA  94086 USA                           

        /Matti Aarnio <mea(_at_)nic(_dot_)funet(_dot_)fi> (ZMailer "hacker")

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