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Re: questions on QP, non-text attachments and munpack

1996-02-14 23:35:20
Yes, all text/* objects are by the spec textual. And non-text/* objects may
be either textual or non-textual.

Are there any non-{text,message,multipart}/* objects that require that 
CRLF be mapped to and from the local newline convetion?

Reading the IANA list, I didn't see any, but I'm not familar with all of 
them.  Some of them (e.g. application/pdf) appear to be tolerant of 
changes to the newline convention, while others (application/PostScript)
may be intolerant of such changes, depending on the content.  But I don't 
know of any which *require* CRLF->local-convention to be usable.

If this is the case, the "do CRLF->local conversion only for text/*"
would seem to be the right heuristic.

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