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re:RFC 1806 vs. Application content-type "name" parameter

1996-03-13 09:46:48
  I'm forwarding this to the list for kmark(_at_)zoomit(_dot_)com(_dot_)  //Jim

In the MIME RFC 1521, section 7.4.1 states the following:

 RFC 1341 also defined the use of a "NAME" parameter which gave a
 suggested file name to be used if the data were to be written to a
 file.  This has been deprecated in anticipation of a separate
 Content-Disposition header field, to be defined in a subsequent RFC.

The subsequent RFC that is referred to is 1806, which is still categorized as

RFC 1521 discourages the use of the old "NAME" parameter.  My question is
this:  when trying to communicate file name information between old and new
MIME mailers, is it recommended to upgrade the older application to employ the
"experimental" RFC 1806 or to "downgrade" the new application to RFC 1341?

Thanks in advance,

Ken Mark
ZOOMIT Corporation

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