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Re: RFC 1806 vs. Application content-type "NAME" parameter

1996-03-13 13:32:20
<< Since RFC 1521 discourages the use of the old "NAME" parameter, my
<< question is this:  when trying to communicate file name information
<< between old and new MIME mailers, is it recommended to upgrade the older
<< application to employ the "experimental" RFC 1806 or to "downgrade" the
<< new application to RFC 1341?  Has RFC 1806 achieved widespread popularity
<< among MIME mailers?

< It gets worse. some mailers use 'Content-Description' for the filename.

I haven't seen this, thankfully.

< By and large, 1806 is in use. Best thing to do is use both methods, and
< prefer C-D on reciept.

This is the only workable solution we've come up with.

                                        Tony Hansen
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