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Re: request from HTTP draft editors for charset registration element

1996-04-29 03:22:58
(I'm told this is the right list to comment on MIME registration
procedures, e.g., draft-ietf-822ext-mime-reg-03.txt).

In the course of preparing the HTTP 1.1 draft, we wanted to suggest
some preferred names for charsets as registered by IANA.

The concept of a "primary name" whose use is preferred over any other
name has been part of the draft procedure for some time. I think this
meets your criteria for a preferred name.

Right now, charsets are registered with many aliases. However, for use
in HTTP, all of the aliases are really cumbersome. We would like
senders to preferentially send


instead of any of the other aliases for that charset.

Is this a possibility?

See above -- I think it is already a done deal. (Unless someone objects,
of course.)

Where is the revised charset registration specification, since it
isn't in reg-03?

It has been submitted as an I-D and should be out shortly.