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Re: request from HTTP draft editors for charset registration element

1996-04-29 09:44:37
I can't find any place that lists the preferred names that the HTTP
protocol implementors prefer. And the "name" in the current registry
for many encodings is unacceptable (e.g., Japanese EUC).

Uh, well, of course not -- the registration procedure is just that, a
procedure, not a registration in and of itself. The preferred names will have
to be defined once the procedure is adopted and the registry changed to match
the new procedure. Note that this isn't the only thing that has to be redone --
all registered character sets will have to indicate whether or not they are
valid as MIME text. I will make sure that the character set registered by the
base MIME specification indice a preferred name as well as all the aliases
for them.

Note also that the name you mention is unacceptable according to the new
procedure as well -- preferred names have to be in a form that can be used as a
MIME charset parameter without quotes or any other nonsense.

How can we go about either changing the preferred name, or having more
than one preferred name (preferred for different purposes).

i'm looking in draft-ietf-822ext-*.

The new registration procedure is called draft-freed-charset-reg-00.txt; as
a result of the character set workshop it has been teased out of MIME and
now stands on its own.

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