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Re: Email Subaddressing

1997-07-31 16:47:59
On Jul 31, 11:20pm, D. J. Bernstein wrote:
Subject: Re: Email Subaddressing
All this does is push the question off a level.  Is it desirable to be
able to mix and match MTA, delivery agent, and submission agent?

qmail was designed to support multiple delivery agents and submission
agents.  [...]

sendmail can also invoke a variety of delivery agents [...]

When a delivery agent supports subaddresses---as, e.g., procmail does---
both qmail and (recent versions of) sendmail can straightforwardly pass
the necessary information to it.

That's nice, but that's not the question.  The question is whether I can
take qmail or sendmail or any other MTA, use arbitary delivery agent X and
arbitrary submission agent Y, and expect that both X and Y understand the
same format of subaddresses.

The present-day answer is obviously "no."  Is there any way to make the
answer be "yes" other than standardizing the format subaddresses?

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