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Re: Email Subaddressing

1997-07-31 01:27:00
(Please don't send me duplicates, Chris.)

There are two cases where MUAs need to cooperate with subaddresses:
1) MUAs which don't allow from to be edited otherwise.

This is a purely local configuration problem.

2) MUAs which validate local addresses against a white pages or authdb

A service that claims to check mail addresses obviously has to
understand subaddresses. This is a purely local configuration problem.

1) List server restricts posting to subscribers.

You have no right to demand that list owners accept your mail.

There are several cases where a final delivery agent needs to cooperate
with subaddresses:

All of those cases are purely local configuration problems.

I suppose next we're going to see a document explaining how sendmail
interacts with procmail, and requiring that all MTAs and LDAs work the
same way.

Set up a new mailing list in a single command.

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