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utf-8 vs Base64 in LZJU90 and FS

1998-10-08 03:05:20
Greetings to all...

In regard to: the LZJU90 transfer encoding for MIME.

I have pondered the request to not use utf-8 and use base64.

Just saying that there are too many charsets out there is not a good enough 
reason to not use utf-8.  UTF-8 is a good char set and MIME knows about it.
LZJU90 uses UTF-8 because brain dead mailers will only understand the 7 bit 
ascii subset of UTF-8 where mailers that understand utf-8 will make better use 
of the encoder.

In this way, LZJU90 and FS will ALWAYS work.  

This is a major goal and objective of both LZJU90 and FS.

Does every mailer know 7 bit ascii (possibly not) BUT many more know it than 
base 64 or  85.



Could someone expand on the reason utf-8 should be not used?
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