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1998-10-30 15:20:01
At 1998-10-22 19:55, Keith Moore wrote:

text/html is a good example of a type name that in hindsight many
of us wish had not used 'text' as a top-level content-type.  The web
would have worked just as well had HTML been called application/html.
Email would have worked *much better*, because recipient's user
agents wouldn't insist on displaying application/html as if it were 
text, and therefore nobody's UA would generate HTML in email by default 
until the capability to display it were *very* widely deployed.

So what subtypes should text/* have, apart from plain?

My understanding of top-level types is that image, audio & video indicate 
what the stream encodes, whereas text (and perhaps message) indicate how 
the stream is encoded. For instance, 'text/' encodes audio, but is 
encoded in text.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA

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