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Re: text/*

1998-10-30 16:10:39
At 2:22 PM -0800 10/30/98, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
My understanding of top-level types is that image, audio & video indicate
what the stream encodes, whereas text (and perhaps message) indicate how
the stream is encoded. For instance, 'text/' encodes audio, but is
encoded in text.

This is a very common MISunderstanding.

Any MIME content type can have textual semantics, simply by specifying textual semantics in the document that defines the type. Doesn't matter if it's application/whatever, image/whatever, etc. You can specify that it be slung around as a textual thing, with newline canonicalization, charset, language, whatever.

Text subtypes, on the other hand are assumed to have textual semantics, but it doesn't end there. For a subtype to belong in text, it must have a further property, that of being appropriate for normal users to read without any special software.

So, your textual encoding of audio is not "text/", it's "audio/". But it's still allowed to be textual.

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