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Re: Critical Content for Internet Mail

2000-11-16 10:36:03
Hm. The idea of a DSN being influenced by body-part headers is architecturally inelegant, but it (sadly) makes a fair amount of sense when dealing with gateways.

The case where a DSN is appropriate is the case of a content-converting gateway; after delivery, an MDN is the only reasonable thing to do.
The text saying so might be clearer.

This extension does not guarantee any notification, of course; this should be noted explicitly.

The specification should say exactly what values to put into the MDN or DSN when generating one for this reason; 5.6.1 "Media not supported" seems appropriate, or 5.6.3 "Conversion required but not supported", or you might want to exercise the process for adding new status codes. See RFC 1893.
I don't have any advice for the MDN generation, but the doc should have.

Apart from these points of incompleteness, I think it makes a reasonable amount of sense.

Have fun!


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