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Re: Critical Content for Internet Mail

2000-11-20 15:45:49
The main problem I have with the document is that the advice isn't universal.

I suggest breaking it into several sections:

1) How a content gateway at the MTA level deals with the criticality.
(A non-gateway MTA always ignores the criticality, so doesn't need a section)

2) How a traditional GUI MUA deals with the criticality.

3) How a non-traditional MUA (e.g., voicemail system via IMAP) deals with the criticality.

                - Chris

--On Thursday, November 16, 2000 16:47 +0100 Eric Burger <eburger(_at_)snowshore(_dot_)com> wrote:

The attached document has been floated on the vpim and ifax lists.  Keith
suggested we pass it by this list as well.

We would like to bring this document to last call.

Thank you for your prior comments.  I look forward to hearing about any
further refinements we can make to the draft.

Eric Burger

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