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Quoted Local-Part

2001-08-15 19:15:18

Have a couple quick questions regarding quoted local-part addresses.     I
realize this is the 822 group but this is affecting our MTA on both the RFC
821 MAIL FROM/RCPT TO and the 822 headers.

Our engineers have been over the RFCs 821, 822, 2821 and 2822 and had some
questions -- I thought I'd pass the questions along because -- well -- I'd
like to get this right ;)

1. Are quotes taken as literal delimiters in comments?   E.g.
                Joe(A comment ")" here)User(_at_)arrgh(_dot_)org

2.  Is there such a thing as a comment in a literal such that the comment
                "Joe(The Thug) User"

3. Should comments be omitted in any 821/2821 envelope?    Is it better just
to pass through quoted stuff completely untouched?  Should a quote char '\'
be stripped out when found - or just passed on?

4. We've run into a particular MTA that does not escape commas in quoted
local-parts which appear to be contrary to at least RFC 2822.   E.g.
"8379,39082"          It seems prudent to accept this as is and
continue on.

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