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Re: Quoted Local-Part

2001-08-15 21:07:12

Quoting Lee Thompson <lt(_at_)seattlelab(_dot_)com>, who wrote:
Have a couple quick questions regarding quoted local-part addresses.     I
realize this is the 822 group but this is affecting our MTA on both the RFC
821 MAIL FROM/RCPT TO and the 822 headers.

1. Are quotes taken as literal delimiters in comments?   E.g.
                Joe(A comment ")" here)User(_at_)arrgh(_dot_)org

I was pretty sure you could put a quoted string in a comment, but I
checked, and no, you can't. You can put a quoted pair in though:

    Joe(A comment \) here)User(_at_)arrgh(_dot_)org
    Joe(A comment with a double quote " here)User(_at_)arrgh(_dot_)org

2.  Is there such a thing as a comment in a literal such that the comment
                "Joe(The Thug) User"

No, it's not a comment if its in a quoted string.

3. Should comments be omitted in any 821/2821 envelope?    Is it better just
to pass through quoted stuff completely untouched?  Should a quote char '\'
be stripped out when found - or just passed on?

Sorry, I'm not really familiar with 821.

4. We've run into a particular MTA that does not escape commas in quoted
local-parts which appear to be contrary to at least RFC 2822.   E.g.
"8379,39082"          It seems prudent to accept this as is and
continue on.

The only thing you have to quote in a quoted string is the double
quote and backslash.


Sam Roberts <sroberts(_at_)uniserve(_dot_)com> (Vivez sans temps mort!)

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