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Re: RFCs 822/2882 and backslash-quoted CRLF

2003-06-23 17:24:18

RFC 822 mentions backslash-quoted CRLF in sections 3.4.3 (comments)
and 3.4.5 (quoted-strings). While the EBNF for quoted-pair in 822
permits only a single octet after the backslash, it is clear from
the normative text in the above cited sections that the interpretation
of a backslash followed by CR followed by LF in the respective
contexts is interpreted as a quoted CRLF pair.

RFC 2822 does not mention backslash-quoted CRLF at all. The ABNF
for quoted-pair and obs-qp each allow for only a single octet
following the backslash. Note that 2822 doesn't mention backslash-
quoted CRLF in section 4 (obsolete syntax) or in Appendix B (summary
of changes).

It appears that a backslash-quoted CRLF would be interpreted by an
RFC 2822 parser as a (deprecated) backslash-quoted CR followed by
a (deprecated) lone LF.

That's a different semantic interpretation from 822.

Given the lack of mention in section 4 and Appendix B, my first
question is: is the intent of 2822 to prohibit generation of
backslash-quoted CRLF as described in RFC 822?

I would certainly hope this is the case. The chances of this being widely
interoperable are remote in the extreme.

Second question: is the different semantic interpretation
by 2822 parsers intentional?

This is largely irrlevant given the answer to the first question.


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