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Format=Flowed/RFC 2646 Bis (-01)

2003-06-26 11:01:59

An updated draft which is intended to replace RFC 2646 has been sent in; because of the crush of last-minute submissions, there may be a delay before the announcement appears. During this time it is available at <>.

The changes from the -00 version are a few fixes as noted by Jutta and Dan Kohn (thank you!) .

I believe this version is ready for IETF last call.

This draft specifies the DelSp parameter to solve the non-Western language problem. Despite the kludge level, this appeared (during discussions last year) to be the least problematic solution. I believe it's already been implemented in Apple's Mail application and Eudora.

I've also incorporated all the corrections/bugs that were sent to me since RFC 2646 was published. See Appendix A for a list of changes from RFC 2646.

This message is BCCd to those who participated in the discussions which led to DelSp, and also to those who sent in corrections or bugs.


    This specification establishes two parameters to be used with the
    Text/Plain media type, and, in the presence of these parameters, the
    use of trailing whitespace to indicate flowed lines.  This results
    in an encoding which appears as normal Text/Plain in older
    implementations, since it is in fact normal Text/Plain, yet provides
    for superior wrapping, flowing, and quoting.

    This standard supersedes the one specified in RFC 2646, "The
    Text/Plain Format Parameter", and adds the DelSp parameter to
    accommodate languages/coded character sets in which ASCII spaces are
    not used or appear rarely.

Randall Gellens
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