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Re: More on mail message header fields

2004-05-14 19:12:40

 Graham Klyne <gk(_at_)ninebynine(_dot_)org> writes:

In response to an off-list comment, I'm making a small revision of the mail 
message header registry draft [1] to mark header fields defined in RFC822 
(as well as RFC2822) as standard rather than just "standards-track".  This 
raised two questions:

On looking into this further, I find myself confused :-( .

In the IETF scheme of things, a standards-track document can be either
"proposed astandard", "draft standard" or (full) "standard".

However, in draft-klyne-msghdr-registry-07.txt (which I presume is the
final approved draft) I find, under the registration template in 3.2.1:

      Specify "standard", "experimental", "informational", "historic",
      "obsoleted", or some other appropriate value according to the type
      and status of the primary document in which it is defined. For
      non-IETF specifications, those formally approved by other
      standards bodies should be labelled as "standard"; others may be
      "informational" or "deprecated" depending on the reason for

This seems to suggest that all the varieties of standard-track document
are to be lumped together and assigned the status "standard".

Which would actually make things simpler and avoid possible confusions
when the latest document is proposed/draft but is intended to supersede an
earlier full standard.

It also means that ALL your "standards-track" statuses in
draft-klyne-hdrreg-mail-03.txt should be changed to "standard" (note that
you have currently changed some of them to "standards", which is not
quite the same thing :-( ).

Note that, in the IANA Considerations section of USEFOR, I have followed
the registration template as written, and used "standard" throughout.

Methinks it is high time that the IESG appointed a "designated expert" as
required by the now-accepted-draft.

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