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Re: More on mail message header fields

2004-05-29 17:54:51

2.1.4  Header field: Reply-To
      Mailbox for replies to message

That's not quite correct. Reply-To specifies a *list* of *addresses* for 
as opposed to a *single* *mailbox*.  Addresses include named groups as well as

According to my notes, here is what the various address fields specify:
RFC 2822:
  from            =       "From:" mailbox-list CRLF
  sender          =       "Sender:" mailbox CRLF
  reply-to        =       "Reply-To:" address-list CRLF
  to              =       "To:" address-list CRLF
  cc              =       "Cc:" address-list CRLF
  bcc             =       "Bcc:" (address-list / [CFWS]) CRLF
RFCs 724, 733 permitted address-lists in From

Note that Reply-To is consistent with To, Cc, and Bcc. All of which
permit anything that might appear in From (but not vice-versa since
RFC 822 obsoleted RFC 733).  Sender permits only a single mailbox.

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