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2004-11-01 20:12:22

 Martin Duerst <duerst(_at_)w3(_dot_)org> writes:

What I wanted was to make sure that we get a provisional registration
as soon as possible, and then can move to the permanent registration
as the draft moves forward. That was the way I understood RFC 3864.
Are you saying that I shouldn't care about the provisional registration?
Or should I do the provisional totally separately? Rereading
RFC 3864, I now seem to understand that registering separately
is how it should be done.

I think that a provisional registration is desirable if you are going to
start using it in the wild (the whole idea of the provisional registry was
to prevent the like of X-Archived-At appearing in the wild and getting
hard-wired into too many agents).

I think it could be potentially useful for netnews, although netnews
has URI schemes that make it possible to refer to a news item, and
the way netnews is distributed makes it somewhat easier to find them
than email messages. Also, adding an 'Archived-At' header to netnews
can be trickier than for email unless it would be done at the source.

It could be quite handy for some special-purpose uses within Netnews, such
as for FAQs (as posted to news.anwers) and for archives of announce

If you are really not sure about netnews, then I suggest you leave it out 
and separately request an entry for netnews in the provisional header field 
registry:  it can be moved later if netnews community think that's reasonable.

But I think that is the best advice for now. There are quite a few email
headers that make reasonable sense in News, and vice versa, and agents
that reckon they can make use of them are welcome to do so without
necessity for explicit mention in the IANA registry. This registry is
quite new, so better not to clutter it up until we see how practice

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