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Re: Understanding response protocols

2004-11-01 20:12:21

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Keith Moore <moore(_at_)cs(_dot_)utk(_dot_)edu> writes:

It's hardly surprising that your customers who have already become
accustomed to the way your product behaves are annoyed when you change
it.  LISTSERV and ListProc users who were used to Reply-To being 
set by those servers also tended to think that having lists set
Reply-To was "the right thing".   

None of this changes the fact that having lists set Reply-To is less
functional and does harm to the message.

That is a commonly expressed view, but I think it is wrong.

I much prefer those lists which set Reply-To (I have been on lists where
the members have voted to have it set so), even though I have to remember
which list is which in order to press the right Reply button.

It will be even better, of course, when we have a MFT field available as
well, so that Reply-To is still available for direct contact with the

 All it means is that users
often choose the behavior they have adapted to in their isolated
communities, rather than the behavior that works best overall.

But at the moment we have the worst of both worlds. Some communities do
one thing, some do the other, and others have flame wars about whether it
is ruder to do one thing or to do the other.

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