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Re: Understanding response protocols

2004-11-08 05:12:39

In <20041105104547(_dot_)GG636(_at_)trokan(_dot_)micronas(_dot_)com> Martin 
Trautmann <traut(_at_)gmx(_dot_)de> writes:

On 2004-11-01 17:48, Charles Lindsey wrote:
I much prefer those lists which set Reply-To (I have been on lists where
the members have voted to have it set so), even though I have to remember
which list is which in order to press the right Reply button.

What happens on these lists when the sender defined a Reply-To of his own?
I guess it's just replaced?

The opinion expressed several times in these recent threads is that a
Reply-To field already set by the sender ought to be left alone by a
mailing list expander. Likewise an MFT header if/when we have one.

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