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Re: Angle brackets surrounding Content-ID

2004-11-08 05:12:39

In <20041105105206(_dot_)GH636(_at_)trokan(_dot_)micronas(_dot_)com> Martin 
Trautmann <traut(_at_)gmx(_dot_)de> writes:

Maybe - my newsreader just saves this info before, e.g.

From t-use(_at_)gmx(_dot_)net Fri Nov  5 11:39:39 2004
Newsgroups: <any>
From: Martin Trautmann <t-use(_at_)gmx(_dot_)net>
Subject: ...

It take the address from From: and the time stampe while actually saving
the posting

Ah! I see. It is unfortunate that it mimics the mail style of "^From "
line so efectively that you cannot tell the difference :-( .

The problem arises in User Agents that try to overload one of the same two
buttons "Reply" and "Reply-to-All" to double up as the "Followup" button
when operating in News mode (a practice strongly deprecated by the GNKSA,
but prevalent in many 2nd rate agents anyway).

Then it's more a question of poor user interface, where the agent trained
the user to use 'reply/reply to all', while it did not teach the
difference between postings and mail, between follow-up and reply

There I agree. If there is doubt as to whether to send a news followup or
an email reply, then it is really the responding user who needs to make
the choice, and a decent User Agent interface should offer both in a clear

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