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Re: Angle brackets surrounding Content-ID

2004-11-10 08:49:58

On Mon November 8 2004 06:24, Charles Lindsey wrote:

My reading of RFC 2822 is that it changes <domain> to <id-right>, after
which the semantics of an <id-right> apply to it.

Then you're going around in circles, paying insufficient attention
to what you read and failing to think clearly about the issue before
writing. We've covered this ground; RFC 2822 introduced id-right
for pure *syntax* reasons (viz. to avoid FWS)[1] -- it makes no
assertions about any supposed difference in *semantics*. That is in
fact the very heart of the problem with that part of 2822 -- it is
ambiguous precisely because it fails to state whether or not the
semantics of a msg-id are changed.  Writing about "the semantics
of an <id-right>" is pure poppycock; there are no such semantics
defined anywhere in RFC 2822 or its normative references.

1. "the msg-id has
   a similar syntax to angle-addr (identical except that comments and
   folding white space are not allowed)"