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Re: Angle brackets surrounding Content-ID

2004-11-02 08:31:20

On Mon November 1 2004 12:09, Charles Lindsey wrote:

An mbox file contains '^From ' lines that contain the envelope From
address, plus a time stamp.
the mbox format is noted for lack of any rigid 

You have once again contradicted yourself. Do yourself and
the rest of us a favor and try *thinking* about the issues for
a while instead of spouting contradictory bits of nonsense.

The problem arises in User Agents that try to overload one of the same two
buttons "Reply" and "Reply-to-All" to double up as the "Followup" button

No, Charles, as has been explained to you several times, posting
to newsgroups specified in an original as well as mailing to mailboxes
is a perfectly reasonable set of actions corresponding to a
Reply-To-All function.  There were no "buttons", "Followup"
or otherwise, involved.

but prevalent in many 2nd rate agents anyway).

Where you no doubt expect everybody to agree with your
definition of "2nd rate" as "anything that contradicts
Charles' peculiar world view".  Sorry, Charles, it doesn't
work that way.