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Re: Angle brackets surrounding Content-ID

2004-11-08 05:12:39

In <200411051227(_dot_)38108(_dot_)blilly(_at_)erols(_dot_)com> Bruce Lilly 
<blilly(_at_)erols(_dot_)com> writes:

On Fri November 5 2004 10:34, Charles Lindsey wrote:

You said

RFC 2822 id-right is a problem because it changes the semantics.

So what other change of semantics did you have in mind then?

As I said, it changes "domain" to "maybe a domain, maybe not,
with no way to tell".  That has many implications other than
case-insensitivity of domain names.

My reading of RFC 2822 is that it changes <domain> to <id-right>, after
which the semantics of an <id-right> apply to it.

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