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Re: Angle brackets surrounding Content-ID

2004-11-02 08:31:18

On Mon November 1 2004 11:44, Charles Lindsey wrote:

Then Pray Tell what it puts in the "^From " line (that usually contains
the envelope From address plus a time stamp).

If you want to know that badly, consult the source (hint: in trn
look for "mbox.saver").

Any why is rn saving articles in the first place

Because the user issued the command to save a copy of the message.

But there is provision for implementation-defined flags. I never claimed
that IMAP could solve this problem 'out of the box' - merely that it
contained 'hooks', such as those flags, which an implementor could (and to
do a proper job should) use to keep track of which articles were 'news'
and which were 'email' as they were moved between IMAP boxes.

No.  You clearly don't understand the client/server nature of IMAP.
There IS a way (flags, as I have just demonstrated)

You have demonstrated nothing.

, and there is a need,

Saying so (repeatedly) doesn't make it so.

I am not trying to impose anything. I am just pointing out that
inplementors of IMAP have to solve this problem

The "problem" is a figment of your imagination.

What are "broken" are your ability to comprehend what has been
explained to you several times by several people, and your ability
to realize that your ability to ram your odd ideas down the IESG's
throats is nil.

Resort to rudeness is always a clear indication that you are losing the

No rudeness, just the facts.
Hence the presence of a Return-Path (or of an equivalent "^From " line
arising from an mbox file) is a sure sign that it is an Email.
Indeed, the presence/absence of a Return-Path is not conclusive evidence
of whether a message is a news article

You have just contradicted yourself, ("presence of a Return-Path is"
"a sure sign"/"not conclusive evidence") and that is a sure sign that
you are making things up as you go along.

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