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Re: Charset mandatory in unix/linux

2006-03-13 07:42:18

Martin Duerst writes:
> At 00:10 06/03/13, Ned Freed wrote:
> >(cc'ing the ietf-types list since this doesn't seem like an
> appropriate topic
> >for ietf-822)
> >
> >> The charset parameter is mandatory in the MIME content-type attribute.
> >
> >Actually, I don't know of a single case where this is true.
> I don't, either.


So I looked closely, and I find that you're right. How about stressing
this a little more in the successor to RFC 2045?

RFC 2045 is about message structure and only deals with with the aspects
of media types that interact with message structure. RFC 2046 is where
media type behavior is defined, and section 4.1.2 of that document is
quite clear about the behavior of the charset parameter.

Ned? Section 5.2 could
state clearly that «Content-Type: text/plain» does NOT mean the same as
a missing Content-Type header.

Since it does mean that in email, I fail to see why such a change would be (a)
Correct or (b) A good idea.