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RE: Charset mandatory in unix/linux

2006-03-27 06:06:38

Or whether that's the "Unicode" that has among its design principles
a uniform code width of 16 bits and an encoding strictly of text
(specifically excluding musical notation), or the "Unicode" that has a
much wider code width and includes non-textual cruft such as (yes, you
guessed it) musical notation.

Though the encoding of the full printed representation of music is 
beyond the capabilities of mere "characters", it is common to want to
print musical symbols (notes, sharps, flats, clefs, etc) within ordinary
text when writing about music. I don't think they are any more "cruft"
than, say, the characters in what is commonly called the "dingbats"
group, which includes things like scissors for "cut here", telephone
symbols, and so on. I think what I'm saying is that it is hard to define 
"strictly of text".

Philip Hazel, University of Cambridge Computing Service.

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