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draft-resnick-2822upd-01 posted

2007-04-26 15:07:14

You may have noticed that 2822upd-01 was posted.


Though overall very few, there are real changes from 2822 in this document that need review. See the changes section at the bottom. I did *not* go whole hog and switch to Bruce's syntax, simply because I wanted to limit the number of changes and see if we can't get this thing to Draft along with 2821bis. But I did incorporate (hopefully all of) the corrections that you all have pointed out over the last couple of years.

Please review with a fine toothed comb. If there are more than just a few problems, perhaps I'll ask Tony Hansen or Philip Guenther (who have at assorted time offered assistance) to start an issues list.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Pete Resnick <>
QUALCOMM Incorporated - Direct phone: (858)651-4478, Fax: (858)651-1102

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