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Re: rfc2822bis -- adding clarifying Sender: text

2008-01-17 10:30:24

In <fml463$udb$1(_at_)ger(_dot_)gmane(_dot_)org> "Frank Ellermann" 
<nobody(_at_)xyzzy(_dot_)claranet(_dot_)de> writes:

Charles Lindsey wrote:

there are situations where an existing Sender currently
IS modified, that being regarded as good practice.

The precise number of RFCs discussing to *modify* an
existing Sender header field I'm aware of is zero, what
do you have in mind ?

That is because there is currently no RFC covering best practices for
mailing list expansions (that is a gap that ought to be filled).

But nevertheless, the practice of forcing the address of the mailing list
expander into the Sender header (whether or not such a header was present
before hand) is so widespread that any RFC that might appear in future
would have a hard time it is tried to reverse that convention.

De Facto, that is the accepted usage, and we have to live with that.

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