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Re: 2822upd-04 body content restrictions

2008-01-27 16:08:29

Bruce Lilly wrote:
Look for the marked text above in
which is my original message to which you responded

Apparently you say that <obs-body> can only handle "half
 of what can appear in a MIME application/octet-stream 
 body transported via ESMTP BINARY transport"

That doesn't convince me, because anything in "obs" not
limited to <obs-body> is "MUST NOT generate".  That it
could somehow match half of the potential octets in any
binary content is beside the point.  

It also somehow matches the first 128 UTF-8 characters,
so what ?  Binary 0D 0A is no lineend, and <obs-body>
explains the concept "line" for obsolete message bodies.

<obs-body> = *OCTECT wouldn't help for anything, it is
wrong for UTF-8, why do you (in essence) propose this ?