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Re: 2822upd-04 body content restrictions

2008-01-27 23:31:08

On 1/27/08 at 4:54 PM -0500, Bruce Lilly wrote:

RFC 822 has been amended by RFC 1123 and RFC 2047 among others, and both of those have published errata. I'm sure that you're well aware of this, as 2822 incorporated many of those widely-scattered amendments to 822.

2822 never incorporated anything from MIME, and that was by charter of the working group that wrote it.

My concern is that (ignoring for the moment the conflict between what 1.2.3 says that section 2 describes and what the actual section 2 text states)

What conflict is that?

a parser using the full 2822 parse grammer will not be able to parse 1994-era and modern messages.

You bet. One had better read and understand the MIME specs before implementing a parser for messages with characters in the range 128-255 (leaving aside that you also better understand what those octets mean and which ones are actually legal depending on the charset of the message; many of them are not legal in certain charsets, and many have different meanings depending on the charset). 2822[upd] is a baseline, not the entire story.

2822 and the draft under discussion are supposed to update 822 in accordance with changes to Internet mail since 822's publication.

No, that is false. 2822 was written under a specific charter, and 2822upd is an attempt to fix actual errors in 2822. If you want to have a document that updates [2]822 in accordance with changes to Internet mail to date, either go to the IESG and charter a new working group, or write the document yourself.

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