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Re: Intent to revive "expires" header from draft-ietf-mailext-new-fields-15

2008-07-22 08:30:41

On Tue, 2008-07-22 at 11:15 +0200, Michael Welzl wrote:
So we propose to standardize such a header. We would do this
by reviving the "Expiry" part of
(we've been in touch with the draft's author, Jacob Palme,
about this, and he likes the idea).

I like this. I'd retain this part as well:

"The word "client" may in this text designate functionality,
which some implementations actually implement wholly or partly
in a server. For example, in the case of IMAP and NNTP, it is
very common to implement functionality, which logically may be
regarded as belonging to a client, in the server."

No sense in sending a message if it is old in the first place. With
anti-spam systems delaying email for extended periods of time, this does

It is also unclear to me what the date-time field is suppose to look
like. It seems to be a RFC822 date updated to have 4 digit years. It
could also be:

22 Jul 2008 11:03 -0500

I'd rather have it be RFC3339 date format. But I have no idea how MS
deals with that.

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