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Re: [ietf-822] "--" first in lines to indicate start of signature

2016-01-04 13:32:08
On 4 jan 2016, at 19.33, Hector Santos wrote:

Jacob, since the 80s, I've written a number mail reader/writers, a.k.a. MUAs, 
mail tossers, importers/exporters, gateways/mailers, etc for several networks 
and mail formats where each had its own technical relationship to body parts 
such as "tear lines" and "Origin" lines, and/or kludge lines.

Standards are mostly optional. Particularly so in what we are discussing now, 
the "signature" notation at the end of messages. Implementors are usually not 
forced to agree with them. But implementors doing things that violently 
disagrees with standards may sometimes get into trouble in that users cannot do 
what they want with their products. Standards can be an aid to developers of 
new software, in order to get their products work better with each other.

The "signature" feature is violently disliked by some people. I find it useful 
when I need more information about the person behind a message I get. Since it 
is controversial, I have chosen to make my own signature short, and include in 
it a link to a web page, where people can get more information about me, if 
they so wish.
Professor emeritus Jacob Palme <jpalme(_at_)dsv(_dot_)su(_dot_)se> (Stockholm 
for more info see URL:

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