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[ietf-822] Q: Space stuffing (RFC 3676)

2016-07-18 03:53:41
Hi all,

Section 4.4 of RFC 3676 says:

   On generation, any unquoted lines which start with ">", and any lines
   which start with a space or "From " MUST be space-stuffed.  Other
   lines MAY be space-stuffed as desired.

What does "as desired" mean? If lines are treated at random, it is obviously impossible to tell stuffed spaces from original indentation. (By comparison, SMTP leaves no ambiguity on whether or not a line has to be dot-stuffed.)

My question is how is that extra leeway to be interpreted. What are the best practices for space-stuffing? Let me recall that those ">From "s break many a DKIM signature, so supporting RFC 3676 is de rigueur for mailers committed to email authentication.


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