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Re: [ietf-822] Q: Space stuffing (RFC 3676)

2016-07-18 12:59:13
On Mon 18/Jul/2016 15:39:43 +0200 Tony Finch wrote:
Alessandro Vesely <vesely(_at_)tana(_dot_)it> wrote:

Section 4.4 of RFC 3676 says:

   On generation, any unquoted lines which start with ">", and any lines
   which start with a space or "From " MUST be space-stuffed.  Other
   lines MAY be space-stuffed as desired.

What does "as desired" mean?  If lines are treated at random, it is obviously
impossible to tell stuffed spaces from original indentation.

I think it should say that indented lines MUST also be space-stuffed.

Agreed. I'm puzzled by that paragraph only says /space/ while Section 4.2 (on the DelSp parameter) proves full awareness of non-ASCII spaces, such as nbsp (160) and the suite of invisible unicode points, not to mention tab (9), that an author may use to produce indentation. Does that deserve errata?

Adding a space in front of each line would make the message appear less garbled to users of space-stuffing-unaware clients. Are such clients so many to justify the waste of one more byte per line?


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