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[ietf-822] Base64 encoding details

2020-09-18 04:32:16
Hi all,

it has become customary to encode text messages in base64. This is presumably an attempt to avoid breaking the body hashes of DKIM signatures.

However, notwithstanding RFC 2045 saying:

   Care must be taken to use the proper octets for line breaks if base64
   encoding is applied directly to text material that has not been
   converted to canonical form.  In particular, text line breaks must be
   converted into CRLF sequences prior to base64 encoding.

I note that, apparently based on the OS where the encoding is done, text is often encoded using LF line endings, instead of CRLF. This list, for one, does so.

Would it make sense to note this feature explicitly in the header? For example, one could write:

    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64; nocr; column-width=76

That data would allow to reproduce the exact encoding that was signed, which was the reason to use base64 in the first place.



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