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Re: [Asrg] Re: 4d. Consent Framework - making it clearer

2003-10-01 13:34:29
Jon Kyme wrote:

However, a logically separate MFA (Mail Filtering Agent) would perhaps be plausible - SpamAssassin run in "spamd" mode might be an example of this role. The MFA might be attached to the MTA, or be a plugin to the MUA, or even reside on a separate server (potentially run by the ISP or a third party) and be called by the MUA.

MFA = instance of "policy enforcement component" surely?

I don't think it makes a difference where exactly the policy enforcement component resides - in the MTA itself or as another system. As per charter:

"Policy Enforcement Component: This involves subsystems within the communication system that enforce the policy. THE OVERALL FRAMEWORK MAY INVOLVE MULTIPLE SUBSYSTEMS WITHIN THE POLICY ENFORCEMENT COMPONENT.

No reason to complicate it by including another acronym.

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